Multi-Country Partnership to Tackle Water and Sanitation Challenges in Schools

Project Status: Completed; Category: Solution Sourcing; Countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines;

Project Summary

This multi-country initiative by the World Vision and Kohler Asia Pacific partnership improved access to safe drinking water, sanitation and good hygiene practices in schools in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines, impacting 3,000 students and teachers.


Poor access to safe drinking water, improved sanitation facilities and good hygiene practices in school poses significant challenges to child education. On average access to water in schools in Asia Pacific region is as low as 48% and 23% for sanitation (UNICEF/WHO, 2017).


Using a “combinatorial” approach, partners pooled resources and assets in creative ways to generate innovative, sustainable solutions. The partnership leveraged the core strengths of both Kohler and World Vision in unique ways to bring about better access to water, sanitation and hygiene benefiting 3,000 students and teachers.


Main goals were set for all three countries building on existing programmes, all accomplished in May 2019:


- School latrines built (SDK Pisatanaau) and renovated (SDI Niosanggo)
- A water well established in SDI Niosanggo elementary school
- Permanent hand washing facilities established in both schools with nudges and environmental cues to trigger hygiene behaviour
- Permanent trash bins established in both schools
- Hygiene and sanitation media are developed in both schools


- Overhead water tank system constructed and installed, providing water supply to drinking water taps
- Overhead water tank system constructed and installed, providing water supply to hand washing taps and toilets
- Basic training on proper hygiene and sanitation practices were delivered for students and parents


- Two clean water systems constructed at Khan Thuong and Mo Rut preschools.